Marketing is about matching your product or service to customers' wants and needs. By appealing to the customer's motivators better than your competitors, you can achieve higher prices and more profit.

Positioning is about defining positioning statements for your products and services to clearly differentiate you in the minds of your customers.

Having segmented your customers and decided which sectors to target, you can position the benefits of your products and services to appeal to the unique wants and needs of each segment.

The concept of market positioning was first introduced in 1969 by Jack Trout in a paper "Positioning is a game people play in today's me-too market place", published by Industrial Marketing. The approach has not changed since then.

As one of the fundamental techniques in marketing, positioning, done properly, with support and involvement of the relevant stakeholders in your organisation, makes the difference between business success and failure.

At BCM Agency, by supporting you to review your market place and competitive landscape, we can ensure we position a strong value proposition for your company, products and services. 


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