A brand is the perception of a company, product or service in the minds of customers. This perception is formed as a compound sum of experiences over time. To ensure customers experience a consistent, relevant and cogent message, careful planning is needed to define brand positioning statements for your company and services, for each target segment. This brand positioning exercise goes hand in hand with general positioning of products, prices, distribution channels, i.e. the full marketing mix. 

We develop and agree brand positioning statements based on discussion, research and workshops to agree elements in your 'brand temple'. Working through competitor messages, your unique, rational and emotional selling points as well as your organisation's brand values, allows us to home in on your brand essence - a single statement of just a few words, which is the basis of how we will work with you to position your brand.

To support this exercise, we are also experts in customer journey mapping which helps us to define how the brand experience will be reinforced throughout your customer's buying cycle. 


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