To accompany the channel plan, we often produce a message board which expands on brand positioning statements for products and services. A targeted message board shows what your customers want to hear, where they want to hear it and how they wish to receive the message. 

When dealing with multiple channels for a range of products or services, this is the starting point for the creative briefing process.

When producing a message board, we consider:

  • The wants and needs of each target audience.
  • Brand positioning of your product ranges.
  • Key selling points, benefit values and evidence of performance for each product or service.
  • Common requirements of segments.
  • Common themes across product ranges.
  • The customer journey and opportunities to produce 'light bulb' moments.

The message board is a mixture of creative, right-brained thinking and an analytical, left-brained approach. It engages the creative team to push the boundaries, whilst ensuring your requirements for all products and markets are fully understood and acted upon. 


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