BCM Agency appoints Tim Hazelhurst as Non-Executive Director


Marketing agency BCM Agency has appointed B2B Marketing guru Tim Hazelhurst to its Board as Non-Executive Director with immediate effect.

Hazelhurst will be responsible for helping to drive overall business strategy for BCM Agency and joins with over 50 years of marketing experience.

Joe Austin, Head of Strategy at BCM Agency, said: "Tim is the godfather of B2B marketing. He brings with him a wealth of marketing and management experience from a career that has spanned all marketing disciplines across much of the globe. He combines this unparalleled expertise with an incredible record of business growth, infectious enthusiasm and a steely determination and visionary approach.”

Tim began his career in 1973 when he founded IAS, which is now Stein IAS, one of the first UK B2B Agencies. He is widely regarded as the person to coin the B2B marketing term here in the UK. This was followed by establishing the Association of B2B Marketing Agencies and BBN.

Miriam Drahmane, Head of Communications at BCM Agency, said “The B2B industry isn’t new. Technologies may change but client’s core challenges are similar to when Tim first launched IAS. Here at BCM Agency we are strategic doers who simplify the complicated and we are excited about Tim joining us as it is the perfect fit.

With Tim’s heavyweight experience, we are focused on bringing B2B back to its beginnings. Examining where it all began and bringing this insight into our focus on the key topics we face today, such as how changes in technology are having a significant impact on the B2B buying cycle and time line. Exciting times lies ahead and we are delighted and privileged to have Tim on board."

Tim said: "This is an exciting role for me and I am particularly looking forward to working with the talented BCM Agency team to build on the success they have already achieved, whilst raising their profile within the industry as the agency who does things differently."

Tim Hazelhurst