Segmentation is undoubtedly at the very heart of marketing. 

As an exchange process, marketing is about matching products and services to customer requirements and, for private organisations at least, making a profit.

Segmentation is the process of grouping customers with similar requirements - or wants and needs. Understanding these 'motivators' is therefore critical to the success of any organisation. 


In B2B marketing, segments are normally defined by job title in similar industries. Motivators are likely to relate to corporate objectives and project objectives rather than individual aspirations. Whilst most decisions are made on the basis of evidence, humans are motivated by emotions, so we will always consider these 'softer' drivers when planning communication messages.     

The BCM Agency approach to segmentation involves:

  • Defining motivators for different job roles within target sectors
  • Mapping these motivators and grouping job roles
  • Selecting job roles with similar motivators and defining the segment

When segments are grouped and defined, the results can make a step change in your marketing and sales approach. Product and service development, messages and communication will all become more relevant to your target customers, leading to better lead generation and conversion rates across the board.  


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