Following our proven process ensures we create a strategic marketing plan for you which works.

You may already have a clear vision and mission statement or you might need support in developing long term objectives. By focusing on trends in the market, opportunities and your relative strengths versus competitors, we will facilitate workshops involving the relevant members of your team to define your strategic approach.

When it comes to marketing and communication strategy, we support research to capture insights, segment your customers, and decide which segments to target. How we help you to promote your products and services is based around clear messages derived from your position in the market.

This strategic approach will often starts with a general audit. It always includes a workshop in which we flipchart sales and profit objectives and sales objectives by segment. Instead of a detailed marketing report, we prefer to develop a single page plan which links these financial objectives to acquisition and retention targets, activity for database development, digital and traditional communication as well as telemarketing and sales.

This plan becomes the reference point in review meetings in which we report back on results and bring suggestions to the table to ensure we are always progressing in the right direction, responding to changing opportunities and challenges   

Experts at simplifying the complicated, the BCM Agency strategic marketing plan is unique.  A clear, one page document which aligns the company objectives, financial goals, B2B marketing targets and activity all in one place.


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