Communication rarely works effectively across a single channel. Your message is reinforced in the mind of your customer when they experience interactions across a range of channels - these might be your website, white papers, emails, social media, adverts or articles in the press - all in support of your direct sales approach.

A cost-effective mix of activity will be required to achieve the results we agree as part of your strategic plan. Choosing the appropriate channels is about understanding:

  • The role of each channel in the communication process (when and how customers consume / interact with the media).
  • The suitability of the communication channel to communicate your message.
  • The cost, reach and credibility of the channel itself.

Depending on the nature of your products and services, different approaches are relevant so we will often produce several channel plans in parallel, adapting messages cost-effectively across the different channels.

Ultimately, your channel plan is a set of activities with responsibilities and targets for lead generation and conversion. A well considered channel plan will eliminate wasted costs on ad hoc communication activity, such as late space advertising offers from unvalidated publishers. 


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