How we won Gold in the B2B Marketing Martech Awards 2021

We’re delighted to announce that we have won Gold in the B2B Marketing Martech Awards 2021, for the ‘Martech transformation / acceleration project of the year’!

As we continue to conduct business in a more virtual world than ever before, there is a profound need for businesses to build trust with their customers.  And it is only by understanding each individual in the decision-making unit at a more granular level that you can begin to establish this trust and move them along the buying journey timeline.
This was the driving force behind our business rebrand in 2020, which led bcm to develop a martech-driven data strategy to fuel B2B client acquisition.  It is this robust process that we implement every day for our clients that formed our award-winning nomination entitled “Putting the person back into persona to build trust digitally in a new, virtual world”.
The nomination demonstrated bcm’s fundamental strategic focus – using martech to gather data and insight to know the customers’ mind, maximising and accelerating touch points, and influencing B2B decision-making using powerful emotional triggers. This is our tried and tested process-driven approach which is a proven deliverer of results.
The B2B Marketing Awards showcase ‘the best of B2B Marketing and its technology’ that is rapidly becoming indispensable to the industry – or, as one judge memorably put it, ‘the plumbing of the B2B marketing world’!
And that world has evolved enormously, moving from a phase where marketing technology was in the hands of just a few large agencies and was a differentiator in itself, to today’s era, where the technology and tools have become accessible to agencies of all sizes, but where the emphasis has shifted markedly to being able to apply the technology - not just buy it. The days of ‘all the gear but no idea’ are dead and gone!
Indeed, as the judges have commented, the Awards specifically celebrate winners that have ‘the demonstrable skills to do what clients need’ and they were impressed not by sophistication for sophistication’s sake, but rather ‘how practical the solutions were’.
With 25 industry judges evaluating the nominations, the Awards are as rigorous as they are innovative, and with winners including ourselves, Stein IAS and Microsoft, to name but a few, needless to say this is a proud achievement for the whole team here at bcm.
Massive thanks to the Awards, the judges, and the B2B Marketing publication for their interest, their support, and their verdict. 
Your Gold means a lot to us.    

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