Focus on what makes you different and memorable

In these challenging times, businesses need firm guidance on how to face the uncertainty and ensure they stay focused on their long-term aims. In this Q&A session, Miriam Drahmane from bcm, a strategic B2B marketing agency, offers some advice to those looking to the future while dealing with the present.

What makes a good marketing agency?

You need a marketing partner who will deliver real, tangible value and true marketing productivity to ensure you are making a good investment, rather than wasting your valuable resources.  But with over 25,000 marketing agencies operating in the UK alone, they are far from equal, and it is crucial that you choose the right agency for you.   Read about seven key characteristics that you should look for when choosing a marketing agency.

How to make the most of your B2B marketing in the current climate

Many businesses have had to make spending cuts due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the latest IPA Bellwether report reveals a record decline in marketing budgets in 2020. But according to B2B marketing experts, bcm, now is not the time to put the brakes on your marketing activity.

Knowing your customer's mind

Marketing seems so difficult for many businesses right now. Why? We’re witnessing a huge shift in the way businesses need to engage with customers. It’s no longer enough to have tacit knowledge of customers’ rational buying behaviours. Instead, there needs to be data-driven insight into customers’ emotions, because business buying decisions are driven to a large extent by non-rational thought.

Customer centricity – the key to manufacturing and engineering growth

Manufacturing and engineering companies are very special organisations; full of invention and innovation, hi-tech and inevitably complex. Yet invariably, many are a ‘best kept secret’ unless you happen to be a customer and therefore know what they do.

The sales and marketing disconnect – how to deliver in a digital world

Imagine a trade show stand, circa 1998. Sales and Marketing are all there, ready to engage with the passing trade. But whilst they’re both trying to row the boat in the same direction, their oars are out of sync. Marketing is starting conversations whilst Sales focuses on conversions. Between those two poles there is a gaping chasm – the famed ‘Sales and Marketing Disconnect’

Why is B2B marketing communication important – and why now?

We all know we should do marketing. We need to do ‘more’ and ‘better’. But why? Yes, it should lead to more sales, but actually doing B2B marketing properly has so many more benefits for your business.