Why We Are Different

B2B Cognitive Marketing - understanding decision-making in complex B2B scenarios

Cognitive marketing isn't new, but it's application in B2B is. 

At bcm we don't pay lip-service to customer-centric marketing, we have based our entire approach and process on this. There's a reason Bob Lauterborn re-coined the Marketing P's to C's in the 1960's - the customer should be at the heart of all we do. Understanding the customer better than your competitors will lead to success.

Cognitive Marketing - new to the world of B2B.
Where science meets art

You're busy, stupidly so. You're under pressure from the very top to deliver, but there are not enough hours in the day. The budget's been slashed but targets remain the same. 

We get it. We've been there. The whole team comes from a client-side background, which makes us a little different. In fact, the agency was founded on the principle that we want to be the agency we would have chosen to work with when we were sat in your chair. Productive, agile, effective.

We’ve earned the stripes. We get no greater joy than partnering with our customers and seeing them grow profitably. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes across a multitude of sectors, including engineering, manufacturing, building materials and construction.