Creative Spark

Creative is the only thing proven to shorten the buying timeline

Creative isn't just about pretty pictures. It's that lightening bolt concept that comes from truly understanding the needs and wants of the customer, matching it with the research findings and intelligence gathering, and coming up with 'the winning idea'. 


'Creative spark' is the middle step of our process and you begin to see the fruits of our labour. It's that feeling when you find the missing bit of the jigsaw that then brings the bigger picture into focus. Sadly, it's not always a Eureka moment, but when everything comes together - the visuals, the strapline, the storytelling - you get a moment of joy and sense of achievement before the hard work of tactical execution gets underway. 

The creative spark rarely comes from one individual. It's a process in itself. It's us as a team holed up in a room thrashing things out and coming up with the winning concept. 

The creative solution can often be simple, indeed here at bcm we always look to simplify the complicated. Simple - yet brilliant.