Productive marketing aligns with your strategic objectives

B2B Marketing is complex. Understanding what your prospective buyers want and making that happen should be straightforward, right? The truth is most companies don't know their prospects very well at all. And with many different decision-makers, how can you remedy this, generate demand and shorten the buying timeline? 

The answer is knowledge-based, segmented relationship building - Cognitive Marketing. This enables you to increase market share without necessarily needing to increase your marketing budget. It's productive marketing and it pays to be cognitive.

Cognitive Marketing = Business Growth

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"If you don't incorporate emotion, you're missing a very important piece of the puzzle. We can now get additional insights and if you don't, you're at a competitive disadvantage"

Manuel Garcia-Garcia - Global lead of Neuroscience at Ipsos

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Campaign Launch

Rockfon®, the leading supplier of stone wool acoustic ceiling tiles, approached BCM Agency to raise their profile and increase sales to distributors.

Rather than compete to be heard in a crowded market, BCM Agency targeted installers to create a pull demand through distributors for Rockfon products.

Event Launch
Building Futures

Celebrating sustainabilty, the Building Futures Awards are run by Herfordshire County Council.

BCM Agency were asked to devise a strategy which would generate maximum publicity, attract nominations, secure sponsors and deliver a high quality awards event.

We get to the heart of what your B2B customers want and need. By truly understanding their motivations and decision-making, you can position, target and segment effectively. 

How do we achieve this?

    • By aligning marketing and strategic objectives
    • Industry and buyer research - applied
    • A qualitative approach to data
    • Superior segmentation
    • Relevant, engaging, permission-based comms
    • Analysis - evidence for the boardroom