Understanding the customer and knowing where they look for information, when and how puts you ahead of the game

Every prospect is on a timeline, where they move from unaware to aware, to interested to trialling, to customer and, ideally, to advocate. Pinpointing this journey and the interactions means you can communicate effectively and create an actual dialogue. 

'Communication' is the penultimate step in our process and sees us move into the tactical execution once the channel plan is set.

We work to a simple action plan, which sets out each activity and the tasks required. This includes ownership of any given action and timelines, as well as any direct costs. We all sing off the same hymn-sheet and ensure we remain focused on the task at hand and above all - productive, efficient and effective at all times.

Whilst bcm can look after everything for you, we appreciate you may work with other tactical partners. We can collaborate with other agencies and partners, in a lead agency role if required, ensuring campaigns are rolled out smoothly.