Knowledge is only beneficial if applied

Information is one thing, but intelligence, that's something else. This is why 'Clarity' warrants it's own pillar within our process. Research on its own isn't enough. Knowing what that research translates into and how it can be used to create advantage, in the context of your sector and industry, is gold.

Whilst others are chasing data - we are chasing meaning. 

In this second step of our process, we analyse and interpet the information gleaned in step one to find 'the gap'. 

The gap could be a new market opportunity, a key message your customers want to hear and your competitors have missed, or indeed a positioning born from a chink in your competitor's armour.

This step in our process will see us determine and define the real value added to your customers, your proposition, positioning and messaging. We begin plotting your communication strategy and how to approach the market.