Hard times require hard measures

How can you claim success if you can't measure it? Targets and KPIs are fundamental to a healthy client/agency relationship and to demonstrate your worth and strategic prowess in the boardroom.

We are results-driven here at bcm and as such have dedicated the final pillar of our process to the measurement of marketing activity. Working to clear objectives, and with everyone in the client/agency team understanding what success looks like, is paramount. 

We provide regular feedback to our clients in the shape of weekly updates, monthly review meetings and quarterly strategic reviews. A simple monthly performance dashboard communicates the top level information you will need to monitor the account and to provide information to your colleagues. Reporting can take up so much of a marketer's time - we want to make this easy for you, so your time can be spent on strategy not admin.

Constant review of the plan and activity makes us agile and productive; testing, tweaking and finessing what we do to get the best possible results for you and your business.