Cognitive Marketing is not new - but it's new to B2B.

Our approach puts the customer firmly at the forefront of all we do. The improvements we have seen in marketing technology, increasing channels and digitalisation has in many ways lost sight of the customer and the true principles of B2B.

It's time to stop being busy, and start being productive. 

By understanding individuals in the decision-making unit, their decision biases, where and how they look for information, we can have proper conversations with them. It's not science ... well actually, it is.


Our Cognitive Marketing approach sets us apart

Most marketing budgets get spent at the back end in the tactical execution. Our approach sees cost-effective use of budget in the research and planning phase, so you truly understand your customer and can formulate a robust strategy. 

Sexy campaigns that are incorrectly positioning your business, distilling the wrong messages and targeting the wrong audience, won't earn you brownie points in the boardroom, however great the advert, email, video looks.

This is where we add value; helping to set the right strategy based on insight in real context, to grow relevant and engaging brands - resulting in profitable growth.